educational programmes

Your trainer is passionate to share motivation and insights and to help your team advancing to the next level in ‘medical affairs’.  We offer individual and group trainings, in-company or via webinar.  Training sessions can also be tailored to your needs. 

Image for Managing Medical Evidence

Managing Medical Evidence

About hierarchies of evidence, systematic database searches, bibliographies, copyrights

Image for Enhancing Medical Communication

Enhancing Medical Communication

About communication styles, medical writing principles, Good Publication Practice and strategic publication planning

Image for Promo Review Basics for Developers

Promo Review Basics for Developers

Tips & tricks to accelerate the review process from the start

Image for Strategy of Engaging Experts

Strategy of Engaging Experts

About mapping techniques, cold calling principles, KPI and insights sharing 

Image for Presenting Science

Presenting Science

Best practices of data visualisation, story telling and engaging your audience

Image for A customised course ?

A customised course ?

Do you have any challenges within the workfield of HD Consultancy ? Let us know and together we define what we can bring to your organisation.