consultancy services

What we do

Gathering strategic insights (literature searches, expert interviews) and distilling the  information into a suitable format (strategic publication plan, scientific education programmes, reports) may not always fit into the workplan of your professional team.

As an organisation, we are committed to provide support in different ways depending on your needs and processes.  You may expect quality and commitment to support your insight gaining & reporting projects. 

Our success story

  • More than 10 years of experience in medical affairs, communications & compliance:
    strategic publication projects, symposia, educational & scientific communication programmes, …
  • More than 10 years of insight-ing projects:
    advisory boards, task forces, focus groups & face-to-face interactions, …
  • More than 10 therapeutic areas:
    gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, central nervous system,  immunology, rare diseases, …
  • More than 10 support roles:
    medical advisor, medical science liaison, speaker briefings, managing medical enquiries, promotional review, medical writing, teaching, …
  • More than 10 workshops & coaching trajectories
  • More than 100 projects with 100% commitment & quality for 100% happy clients

How we work


we listen to your objectives


we look for the best match between your plans and our competencies


we align with you on a detailed project description and timelines


we go for combined creativity and quality according to the agreed plan